Car No.10 of 1926
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The last traditional Volk's Car rolled out of Paston Place Works in 1926. Following the original style of Cars 3 & 4 this was a true 'toastrack' devoid of any bulkheads. The roof is more curved than the other cars which makes the car just a shade taller at 7'10", length is 24'7" and width is 6ft. Traction is provided by a Compagnie Electrique Belge 8hp motor driving one axle direct via a single reduction gear.
Apart from a few minor alterations to the electrical side of the car the only change of any note has been the provision of two bulkheads between the roof pillars directly over the wheel centres. These were built and fitted by the staff in early 1984 after it had been noticed that the roof was beginning to sway when the car was in motion. The bulkheads have provided added strength to the car and the roof now stays in place!
{short description of image} May 2004 and this fine shot by Gerry Cork shows Car 10 outside the south shed at Paston Place. Although only four years separate this and the picture above, the more ornate signwriting on the dash certainly helps to lift the attractiveness of this livery.

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