The Car Fleet past and present

Over the years the Volk's car fleet has gained and lost a number of vehicles. By clicking on the links below you can check up on details and photographs of all of the cars.
The question as to what constitutes a 'train' on Volk's is open to debate. To me each individual unit is a 'car' in a similar way to streetcars or tramcars. It is only when they are coupled together into two-car sets they become a 'train'. It is this termanology that I have used when referring to individual cars.
Aquarium map
The history of the VER fleet is quite complex but I have tried to plot my way through the minefield of information to present the details in the easiest possible form.
I have referred to the work of several authorities including Conrad Volk and Alan A Jackson, but by far and away the most informative and well researched material is that produced by Barrie McFarlane. Hopefully Barrie’s research will eventually find its way into print where it will be required reading for anyone interested in Volk’s Railway.

For details of each car click on the car number.
Car No. Date Description  
1 1883 Original 2ft gauge car Scrapped c.1884
1 & 2 1884 / 1885 30 seat saloons Scrapped c.1946
3 & 4 1892 40 seat semi-opens 3 currently being rebuilt, 4 waiting rebuild
5 (i) 1896 30 seat saloon Scrapped in late 1920s
5 (ii) 1930 Winter Car Scrapped c.1946
6, 7 & 8 1901 40 seat semi-opens All available for service except Car 6
9 1910 40 seat open Available for service
10 1926 40 seat open Available for service
8 & 9 1898 Ex Southend Pier 40 seat opens No longer at the railway
PW Engineers diesel Motor Rail In service

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