Picture Gallery
VOLK'S DEVIATION:In 2006 the railway track just west of Halfway was diverted off its old formation onto a new line with sharp curves. This deviation was necessary to accommodate a new beach volleyball court and John Goddard kept a photographic record of the event. Click HERE for his pictures.
VOLK'S 2006:Pictures of the railway operating on a visit in 2006. Click HERE for Derek Smiths pictures.
VOLK'S 2007:Pictures of the railway operating on a visit in April 2007. Click HERE for pictures.
VOLK'S LAST DAY 2008: Pictures from the last day of the 2008 season (September 14th 2008), which also happened to be the day of the Ace Cafe Reunion so the front at Brighton was packed with motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. It was also the weekend the sun came out and summer actually happened! Click HERE for pictures
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