The Volk's Model and some to build youself
VERA Member John Goddard has built a really remarkable model of Volk's as it would have appeared in the 1950s. The fully operating model is often to be seen on display at model railway exhibitions in the South of England, and it always draws a good crowd. These pictures were taken in far from ideal conditions at the 2004 Brighton Model World Exhibition. 
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Above left open car 10 waits in the north siding at Aquarium - no doubt the driver is having a quick chat with the cashier!

Top right: An out of scale young enthusiast watches intently as the miniature cars 10 and 3 pass at Playground.

Right: John's attention to detail is not restricted to the Cars, as this view of Aquarium Station shows.
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Above left: A full house at Aquarium with cars 4 & 9 occupying the platform roads.

Above right: This overall view of Paston Place Car Sheds clearly shows the second siding layout to be adopted after the war. It enabled all 10 cars to be accommodated under cover. With four cars out on the line the remaining 6, including two from Southend, line up outside the sheds. The main line to Black Rock is the centre line through the the left hand (north) shed.
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Car 3 awaits its driver at Black Rock. The car is sited in the south siding. The site occupied by this station is now part of a car park - it would be nice to think that we can emulate the model and regain this site.
Final shot is of Playground - complete with canopy!

Build your own Car No.1 {short description of image}
If you have always wanted to build a Volk's car then this is for you. We have taken the 1883 2ft gauge car and turned it into a cardboard kit. It isn't difficult and all you have to do is download it from our website using the link below. To keep the size down we have converted it to a .pdf file so you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it. If you don't have Acrobat then click on the link below to download your free copy.
Download the Volk's 1883 Car kit {short description of image}
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