Volk's Moving Picture Show
A comment recently received was that although there are lots of still pictures nothing moves. So taking this into account this page has been produced very much as a trial using a few short clips I took several years ago during some rather dull weather. If the page proves popular then it might encourage me to get on the train and go to Brighton to take some more film.

To view the clips (all of which are quite large files) simply left click on the camera icon.
If you would like to download the clips for viewing later please right click on the icon and then left click on 'save target as' from the drop down menu. This will allow you to download the file to your hard drive, but please ensure you have your anti-virus software operating when you download.
VERA Chairman Ian Gledhill brings his two car set into Aquarium Station up the gradient. The gantry, or viaduct, is quite steep and drivers have to keep the power on until they reach the end of the platform and can then coast to a stop with as little use of the brake as possible.
Later the same day Alan James departs from Aquarium. The remains of the spur into the north siding is clearly visible and has been retained now that the gantry has been renewed. On leaving the station the driver needs just enough power to get going and then gravity takes over until the bottom of the gantry is reached and the line runs along the head of the beach.
While Ian waits in the Aquarium (west) loop as Alan coasts over the pointwork. Since this sequence was taken the loop has been removed temporarily.
With Alan now clear Ian can leave the loop en-route for Halfway. The loop points are all sprung for left hand running. Drivers have to approach the points with caution to ensure the road is set correctly.
When I took these shots the railway was only running between Aquarium and Halfway as can be seen from the closed shed doors in the background. To the accompaniment of the crossing warning siren Ian departs Halfway for another trip westwards.

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